DIY: Adding Door Trim to Plain Doors- Our Unfinished Journey

Hello, in continuance with the Playroom/ Guestroom update, we decided to paint the door black and add door trim. If you, like we do, have plain doors, you can customize it by adding door trim. We went to Home Depot and bought two types of wood trim. The thicker part we placed on the outside and the thinner trim was placed inside the boxes. We played with a few design options and decided upon the a two box trimming to reduce our workload. Here is the progress. Notice, it is incomplete, we still need to caulk it and paint it along with another pass on the door to remove the streaks.

Step 1: Decide on the design. We played with a lot of options and ended up with the simple two square design.

Step 2: Decide upon the measurements. For example, we measured our front door, which is the only door that has trim, and realized that it has 4″ from the top to the first trim and simply used the measurements to make our design. We drew, with a scrap piece of wood, the squares onto the door to make the addition and nailing of the door trim easier or a level ruler. Also, remember that you have to make sure to get the same measurements for the other side of the door.


Step 3: Make your cuts. My husband made the 45 degree angle cuts.


Step 4: Glue or Nail–or both. We didn’t glue, we decided on the nailing of the trim with a nail gun. We nailed the thickest trim first, then the small skinnier trim on the inside. You can, however, use Liquid Nails to glue your trim.


Step 5: Caulk your trim and wood fill your gaps. We are in this process right now. My husband noticed a few gaps in the wood and filled it with wood filler and

Step 6: Paint your door and trim. We decided on a black door and are playing with the idea of gold or white trim since the door is on the threshold of our house. The door opens into the playroom/guestroom. It is not complete, as you can tell.


Step 7: Add a new door knob or spray paint an old one. We will be adding a crystal/glass door knob in the near future. This is optional, but it can make your door look brand new. Even spray painting an existing door knob can make a difference.

Note: We removed and patched up the top lock, as you can see by the picture, and when you decide on your trim, the top square may be larger, or longer than the bottom part due to the door knob placement.

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