Quote of the day: 4/22/15

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.~ Pablo Picasso

I feel like this is me on a daily basis. I have so much on my plate, at times, that I have no choice but to put things off until tomorrow. I have, however, realized that prioritizing comes first. Thanking the Lord all day everyday is priority, spending time with my kids and husband is priority, spending time with family is priority, calling my parents to see how they are doing is priority, making healthy meals for my family is priority. We each have our own priority list and I have had to look through the list and push for tomorrow what can’t get done today. It can be frustrating, but making special memories is key for me. I do, however, need to realize that what I have put off for tomorrow, may be left undone as life is never promised. Make sure to prioritize and put those that are important above anything and everything.

Have a great day!

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