DIY: Turn old picture frames into something fun!

My husband and I are currently working on the kids “playroom/guestroom” and due to the fact that it is a playroom where, you know, kids will be playing, I didn’t want picture frames that contained glass in it. I loved our old pictures, you will see them in the before picture, so we saved everything and put it away for a future date when we may want to use it again. I am creating these foam inserts which will contain the kids names on them. Notice, I’m not done. I bought the foam inserts from dollar tree and wrapped them with wrapping paper that I purchased from Marshalls for $2. I used glue, Mod Podge, on the back side only of the foam board and here you go, you get foam board inserts. You can, however turn old picture frames into something cool. Anything you want.

Step 1: Place the picture frame on a soft surface. I placed it face down no the bed.

Step 2: Remove the paper the frames have on the back. It is easy, simply find the soft spot under the wood trim, scissors since they are not sharp enough to cut through the picture and slide through. Do not push the scissors all the way in, just enough to tear the paper.


Step 3: Remove the staples. I used plyers.


Step 4: Remove the cardboard, then the picture.

Step 5: CAREFULLY and preferably with gloves, remove the glass. I cut myself for not using gloves. They are so thin and extremely sharp and place it in a safe place. You can wrap it with something. If you have picture frames without the glass, then you don’t have to worry about this.


Step 6:  You can clean and paint the frames if you don’t like the current color. Spray painting is the easiest, I feel.

Step 7: If you paint your frames, let dry, if not, hang where you find adequate.

Notice our room is far from complete. Yes I am missing the “Y” in “PLAY.” I am missing the nose on the eyes and mustache, I am missing other things in the room, but, as of now, this is what I have. I thought it would be fun to share that picture frames can be used for more than storing pictures with glass.


Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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