Quote of the day: 4/21/15

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.~Mark Twain

I write this quote as a wake up call for myself. I am taking two classes this quarter and it is a little difficult with being a mom of 3, (with a husband, it often feels like 4–but I still love you) and still having to clean, cook, play with the kids, etc, all while trying to fully focus and provide my coursework what it deserves. I am exhausted. The secret for me to get ahead of it all, stop thinking about the work and simply “GET STARTED”. I know I will reach my goal, but, nonetheless, it is difficult when undergoing the process. You, too, can get ahead, simply begin at your mark. You can begin your own business, you can organize your home, you can create an exercise routine, you can eat healthier, you can, you can, YOU CAN! Whatever it is! You can! The trick is, getting started.

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