Guest Room-Playroom (Phase 2)

My hubby and I have worked all weekend on the playroom. It is not complete, but the pictures below will show you where we left off. I did, however, want to talk about the paint we used. I love it! It is “caviar” by Sherwin Williams. I was sad to find out that Lowes no longer carries Valspar Ultra (zero VOC) and they didn’t have the black we wanted. We recently painted our house, not the rooms, but all the open spaces like the living room, formal living room, loft, dining room and hallways with Benjamin Moore’s green version (zero VOC), but we didn’t feel like driving to Vista Paint to have to pick that up. I had a full house, 7 kids, and I didn’t want to drive 30 minutes away with a bunch of kids. So, we went for Sherwin Williams since Lowe’s now carries the paint. The paint is rich and beautiful. I did have to give it two coats. It seems that black and white are the colors that often need more than one coat. We then painted the ceiling and the rest of the walls white.

You may be asking why I decided upon painting the wall black. I wanted it to look like a chalkboard wall, without it being one. Chalk is not healthy for anyone, especially kids. I don’t want a chalkboard in their playroom where they can have waves of chalk floating around after erasing the board. I will, however, create a white board for each of them. Since this will also be a guest room, I want it to still look glam. I want it to be gender neutral since a boy and two girls will be sharing it.  I can’t wait to share the final result.

Here are the pictures of our process and progress:

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