Quote of the day: 4/10/15

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

I must often remind myself that with what ever current situation, regardless what it is and where I am at this very moment, I can still achieve my goals and dreams. I can with what I currently have, here and now. You can, with what you have, at this very moment. This weekend we will be converting the guest room into a play room without purchasing anything, but simply with what we have on hand here and now. We have paint, tools, nails and a lot of enthusiasm. The kids need a space, aside from their rooms, to play and I need my sanity, I need to be able to study and I need Noah to have a place where he can play without making a mess all over the house. My husband is our only source of income as I am a graduate student, which means we need to be frugal in every way possible. To refresh a room, we move around furniture to bring new life into a room. This and paining are the most inexpensive ways to create a new space without braking the bank.
Regardless of where you live or what your money situation may be, we must still enjoy life as it is at this present moment with what ever we do have. How about health wise, there are some situations in which you can change your health ailment, and for those you can’t, it is best to ask, “how can we enjoy life in the current situation?” Life is a beautiful thing, but can also become difficult if we remain in a negative state of mind. Positivity, positivity, positivity. Surround yourself by positivity. Watch comedies, eat healthy, surround yourself by positive text and notes, surround yourself by positive beings. Post sticky notes on your mirror and cubicle or office with positive phrases.

Have a great weekend.

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