Origin and History: Easter

Happy Easter. I grew up knowing Easter as a Christian celebration as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the day I celebrate, but, as an adult, I found out the roots of the holiday. According to History.com, although most websites state the same thing, it was once a pagan holiday to celebrate the goddess of Spring and Fertility , Eostre, and the celebration was called Eastre. The bunny rabbit is a symbol for Fertility and new life, hence the connection with Spring. Eggs are also symbols for fertility and new life, but according to the origin, they were banned from being eaten during Lent, therefore making them great to eat on Easter.

It is most compelling to find out that many of the holidays were once pagan holidays simply replaced by Christian holidays. What is behind a symbol or old tradition? Do you find that replacing an old pagan rooted celebration with a Christian one cancels the negative roots of the old tradition? Or do you feel that it is much like a patch over torn jeans? How about caulking over old moldy caulking? Do you feel you are simply covering up a deep dark root with a positive one?

This is an interesting topic as our days of the week and months are all named after pagan gods. Our lives are filled with paganism simply patched up. I must admit, I am not religious, but do believe in God. I do know that the bible has been altered many times and things have been added throughout history, hence the different versions such as the KJV. Therefore, I do believe there is something called the Holy Spirit that can guide you. Not everything you read in the bible needs to be taken literal, but I also don’t see anything wrong with the teachings. I put my faith in God and not in man, therefore keeping me always open-minded and not simply closed where I don’t want to hear anything anyone else has to say when they discuss Christianity. I am not blind. I am Christian and have taken Christ as my savior, but I do not pretend to believe that everything written in the bible is just as God would’ve wanted. I also know that there are many parts of the bible that were removed and we are left in the dark as to what the other books wanted us to know and, now, only scholars have access and even then, they don’t have access to everything.

How do you weigh your facts if you are Christian? If you are not, how do you weigh your belief system?

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