Fashion: A Renaissance Mom’s Outfit of the Day

For a family gathering on Easter Sunday, this is the outfit I wore. I love the Spring colors and felt fresh enough for what the day seemed to look like. Notice I stated, “seemed” because it ended up being cold. I had to change and, luckily, I took a second set of clothes. We spent our time at my uncle’s house as he always throws a big bash! I never, ever wear shorts. I always feel like my legs are not adequate to wear such things, but decided upon an anomaly of a decision as such. I also feel so incredibly skinny right now as I have been nursing for a year, but I am trying to wean Noah at this very moment. My Spring quarter begins today and I definitely need to stop nursing, but it is hard, not just for Noah, but for me. This is my last baby and I guess I am having mixed emotions. Nonetheless, it needs to be done. How do the nursing moms out there feel or how have you felt when nursing had come to a halt?

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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