Fashion: A Renaissance Mom’s Outfit of the Day

For a family gathering on Easter Sunday, this is the outfit I wore. I love the Spring colors and felt fresh enough for what the day seemed to look like. Notice I stated, "seemed" because it ended up being cold. I had to change and, luckily, I took a second set of clothes. We spent … Continue reading Fashion: A Renaissance Mom’s Outfit of the Day

Quote of the day: 4/6/15

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson How true is this quote? What a great break-down of time wasted lingering on an emotion that should perish quickly after feeling it. Sometimes, anger, however, will push us to make changes in our lives, but it … Continue reading Quote of the day: 4/6/15

Origin and History: Easter

Happy Easter. I grew up knowing Easter as a Christian celebration as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the day I celebrate, but, as an adult, I found out the roots of the holiday. According to, although most websites state the same thing, it was once a pagan holiday to celebrate the goddess of … Continue reading Origin and History: Easter