Origin and History: Cesar Chavez Day 3/31/15

Yesterday was Cesar Chavez Day in the USA and I completely forgot to publish my draft.

Cesar Chavez day is especially important to me as I have family members that have worked in field picking crops. Let me just tell you, it is intense work. I remember my grandmother telling me stories of having to leave her newborn baby, that she was nursing, with a babysitter so she could support 9 kids. She says she would work in the field, in the heat, and would cry every time milk would drip down her body as she was reminded she had to leave her newborn baby. Sadly, maternity leave and benefits were not an option. She says many would faint due to dehydration, the conditions were poor and women, above all, were mistreated more than men. She mentioned it was not only hard work, but the pay was horrid and the long days were difficult. There weren’t any breaks. Nonetheless, she had to work to feed her family.

Cesar Chavez was the son of migrant workers and saw the injustices against these workers. He fought for the rights of these workers in a non-violent manner, which makes him heroic. Chavez and Dolores Huerta founded the National Farm Workers Association. I am sure, like every person, Chavez had his victories and downfalls. I am sure he made many mistakes, but, nonetheless, he fought for the rights of those that were afraid, silenced and seen as worthless. All humans feel and are worth just as much as the next is. People aren’t better or worse simply because of origin, language, education, religion or color. We all have the right to live and be treated with kindness.

This day became a holiday to gather as a community, to remember the fight and rights of others as we treat our neighbors with respect and dignity in a peaceful manner. Although this should always be the case, we can, at least, commemorate it on this day. President, then Senator, Obama declared this a holiday on 3/31/08.

Have a great day!

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