Word of the day: Prelapsarian

Word: Prelapsarian

You pronounce it: [pree-lap-sair-ee-uh n]  IPA:/ˌpri læpˈsɛər i ən/

Definition: adjective

1. Theology. occurring before the Fall:
the prelapsarian innocence of Eden.
2. characteristic of or pertaining to any innocent or carefree period:
“a prelapsarian youth.”

I read it:

“How all the damage they, that is, we, suffered over the years was about to be repaired, because we would soon be welcoming into the world this amazing, prelapsarian–” (248 The Silent History)

Works Cited:



Join me in adopting new words. We can include such words in at least one sentence today. I do this because, unlike most of my colleagues, I am not always the most proficient speaker, therefore, leaving me in a yearning state to explore more words, expand my vocabulary and broaden my current state of mind.

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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