Quote of the day: 3/25/15

“A pregnant pause, is that the expression? Something taking shape in the spaces between words, something growing there, waiting to take on a life of its own.”~The Silent History by Kevin Moffett, Eli Horowitz and Matt Derby

Have you ever noticed that the silence between each phrase, expression and context is far greater than the very words you can gather into a sentence? Sometimes silence is far deeper and intriguing than an elevated expression. How can I dare say this as an English major; someone that loves and lives for words and the context within a phrase? I find that a loaded pause can expel far deeper than words. Have you ever noticed the strength of the “silent treatment” when someone is mad? I remember that it was horrible when my mom gave me the silent treatment instead of simply killing me with her words. Her silence was patronizing and I rather hear the lecture than wonder what is crossing her mind. At times, we must reserve our words and use silence to find a deeper connection. Of course this can also be dangerous as we often allow our silenced selves and minds explore territory we shouldn’t. We can take things to another level as we create a life within silence. Can silence create a deeper connection where true intimacy can be reached? What do you think? Is silence far deeper than words or are the words, that can cut like a knife, hurt far more?

Have a great day!


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