Word of the day: Prelapsarian

Word: Prelapsarian You pronounce it: [pree-lap-sair-ee-uh n]  IPA:/ˌpri læpˈsɛər i ən/ Definition: adjective 1. Theology. occurring before the Fall: the prelapsarian innocence of Eden. 2. characteristic of or pertaining to any innocent or carefree period: "a prelapsarian youth." I read it: "How all the damage they, that is, we, suffered over the years was about to be repaired, because we … Continue reading Word of the day: Prelapsarian

Quote of the day: 3/25/15

"A pregnant pause, is that the expression? Something taking shape in the spaces between words, something growing there, waiting to take on a life of its own."~The Silent History by Kevin Moffett, Eli Horowitz and Matt Derby Have you ever noticed that the silence between each phrase, expression and context is far greater than the … Continue reading Quote of the day: 3/25/15