Quote of the day: 3/20/15

“Let the unknown be unknown. The things we need will reveal themselves in time.” The Silent History by Kevin Moffett, Eli Horowitz and Matt Derby

How many times have we forced the unknown to be known? We seem to be an impatient society that needs answers now. We want everything right now, this instant. We want to know things right now. We want answers this very second. We have become an impatient society that demands here and now. I think we need to learn to go back to patience and allow things to reveal themselves within time. It is okay to have the unknown surround us, at times, and things will make sense in time. I know I am one that always wants to know right now. I want answers this second and, I too, need to change the dynamics of the here and now. It is also prevalent in cities as we see drivers impatiently rush to their destinations. There is a sense of urgency to rush through life. Why? Why this rush of urgency?

The book “The Silent History” is a book you must read. Or download the iTunes App to get a new form of novel-reading via your iPhone or iPad. You won’t regret taking the time to read this wonderful book. It is amazing. I took the quote  of the day from this Epilogue and it is so beautifully written.

This dog will not fetch. I throw a stick out into the desert as far as I can, and he just looks. I clap my hands and whistle, pointing in the direction of the stick, and he sits on his launches and stares at me. I go to fetch the stick myself, and he follows behind me. I throw the stick again, and again he sits and watches it sail through the sky and scuff the dry earth in the distance. I don’t know why the dog won’t run for the stick. Maybe it wants to show its loyalty to me by staying close. Maybe it is just not interested. I cannot begin to guess, and I do not need to. Let the dog have its thoughts, whatever shape they may take. Let the unknown be unknown. The things we need will reveal themselves in time.


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