Fun Fact Friday: 3/20/15- The Sun affects how you tip

Did you know you tip 20% more, while dining out, when you dine in an outdoors atmosphere while the sun is out?

It is true, according to an NPR news report. I wish I could find the source, a writer was promoting his book and stated that studies suggest that people, around the world, tip more when they sit outside and when the sun is shinning than when you dine inside and the atmosphere seems dim and gloomy. I am guessing it has to do with the Sun, and light, creates happy endorphins, making a happier you. Much like a class I took in community college that mentioned that depression rates are higher in places where it rains a lot and the climate is always gloomy. In fact, many people began using artificial lights to get their moods in a livelier state. He also mentioned that money is something we are not equipped, mentally, to deal with. Our brains don’t know how to function with money. Interesting. I will keep looking for the source and I will update the post.

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