Quote of the day: 3/19/15

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ~Confucius

I love this quote and I needed such wisdom as I am coming to a close on my Experimental Fiction course. Today, I have a presentation and although I am often confident with public speaking, I have not when having to present in front of a graduate class. I feel intimidated, I often say the wrong things, I forget my train of thought and class discussion, well, let’s just say it never goes how I envision in my mind. I happen to never make the connections I feel are relevant in my mind, once I speak, it seems to come out horribly, nonetheless, I don’t give up. As silly as I may sound, I continue to speak and today, I will conduct my presentation on about 100 pages of “The Silent History.” I may fail, at times, but I will continue to try. You may fail, but do not allow that voice of doubt take over for you are far more than doubt and a list of failed trials. You are one of a kind who can succeed. Remember, the key is not to never fail, but to know the importance trying again and not lingering on one failed encounter, or two, or three. . .

Note: This book, has had me dreaming of it for two days, that is how enthralled I am with it. This is the book you must read. It is so reflective of our culture and our fear of “different.” Kevin Moffett, a brilliant writer, and stupendous Professor, collaborated in this book and I now realize why he makes such a brilliant professor. He is the reason I returned to graduate school, as he was my mentor as an undergrad, to find out he moved on to another university. He knows his stuff. Imagine a world of “silents” everywhere; a world where the lack of word function and processing is nonexistent; how would you react? A mirror has been placed in front of us and the veil has been removed, why are we so afraid of the unknown? Is it our duty to ban “the different” from society, place them in detainment camps and insert devices in order to forcefully integrate them to be more like the existing? Read this book! I will conduct a proper book review on this, amazing, amazing book. Oh, and it is also an iPad iPhone app. Check it out!



My mac has been repaired, yay, blogging world, I am back!

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