Quote of the day: 3/6/15

“I can feel the irrationality and anxiety draining my store of energy like a battery-operated racecar grinding away in the corner. This is the energy I will need to get through the next day. But I just lie in bed and watch it burn, and with it any hope for a productive tomorrow. There go the dishes, there goes the grocery store, there goes exercise, there goes bringing in the garbage cans. There goes basic human kindness.” Where’d you go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

Good morning and Happy Friday. I’m sure I have mentioned that I read this book for class and find it to be an awakening to our, what my class calls, first world problems. Bernadette is obviously depressed and how many times have we been in a position where we spend our time, mainly nights where we should be recharging and getting our beauty sleep, worrying about things . . . or . . . just about everything. We can see ourselves burning out, draining our energy and positive outlook, but , nonetheless, it doesn’t stop us from directing our energy into the negativity of all things that seem impossible. Why? Why do we do this? I guess we find it easier to complain and worry than change our mindset into a positive outlook. I too need to work on the relocation of my energy and must redirect my dilemmas towards the positive, the ever-changing and, finally, the beauty of what we do have.

Have a great weekend and may you sleep and recharge knowing your life can continue to be a wonderful one.

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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