Fun Fact Friday: 3/6/15- Ceres: a Dwarf Planet

Did you know there is a dwarf planet called Ceres that was discovered in 1801 and, after 7 years, NASA has finally made the arrival, via a probe, and it is orbiting around this planet? I was listening to NPR News, in the car, and heard about this mission, this morning. I couldn't believe that this … Continue reading Fun Fact Friday: 3/6/15- Ceres: a Dwarf Planet

Quote of the day: 3/6/15

“I can feel the irrationality and anxiety draining my store of energy like a battery-operated racecar grinding away in the corner. This is the energy I will need to get through the next day. But I just lie in bed and watch it burn, and with it any hope for a productive tomorrow. There go … Continue reading Quote of the day: 3/6/15