Quote of the day: 3/3/15

“In the English language there are orphans and widows, but there is no word for the parents who loses a child.”
― Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

Good morning and Happy Tuesday. Today’s quote is brought in as my family mourns a family loss. My cousin was at a hospital for a couple of weeks due to high blood pressure, while 36 weeks pregnancy. Everyone said she was better and was scheduled to be released today, sadly, the doctors stopped monitoring the baby as they felt my cousin was better, assuming the baby was well. Suddenly, last night, they decide to check the baby’s heart beat and realized there wasn’t a heart beat. The baby, almost at 40 weeks, passed while in the womb. You would think that you go to a hospital and feel you are in the safest place possible with doctors and nurses around. Unfortunately, it seems it is far from true. I was always told that assuming is never good and these trained professionals assumed the baby was fine, instead of keeping the baby monitor. My family is devastated as my cousin has tried for so many years to get pregnant and has now lost her baby. Please send your prayers her way as she will need it. I know our world is in chaos, trifold, and many find stories as these far too common, with loss of babies and family members left and right, but prayers would be wonderful at this moment.

Have a great day and appreciate life with loved ones as you never know when you may never see them again, or even, ever see them at all. She will never get to know this baby nor see it grow, laugh, play, nor feel her warm embrace. Life is far too short and we must cherish every second.

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