Sermon Sunday: 3/1/15

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” ~Romans 12:12

Rejoicing in hope can get you through any situation for as long as you believe there is a better outcome. Patience in tribulation has got to be the most difficult aspect of any circumstance. Our trials and tribulations make and shape us, but it is necessary to continue to have faith in the lord, even through the tough times. Trials and tribulations remind me of Job and how God allowed Satan to touch him, he ended up with leprosy and in a loss of everything he had. Job was patient and was then rewarded with what he had and more. Job had faith that the lord had a reason for his trials and tribulations. He was tested and remained understandable of God’s teachings. Often, you and I are tested and we question God when we should be understanding and remain patience and faithful. Finally, prayer will bind all things and create a stronger you. Have a great Sunday and a new beginning. Today we begin a new month and every day can be a new start, a fresh beginning.

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