Quote of the day: 2/28/15

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” ~Ben Franklin

I write this as I am getting dressed to file my taxes. Interesting how the world of taxes and tax filing becomes a very stressful one. Sir Franklin, are you correct? Is nothing certain in this world, but death and taxes? Well, you certainly can’t get away from doing your taxes, in fact, tax filing and tax evasion reminds me of a documentary I saw regarding one big shot mobster that seemed to escape being captured by the FBI, that is, until the IRS found out he owed money, it was down hill after that. He was immediately captured. Hmmmm . . . IRS, are they against our civil liberties, is it unconstitutional and is the 16th amendment wrongfully ratified? For those that live in this country have different thoughts, those that don’t must also have thoughts on your own country, or ours, I’m sure. Well, one thing is certain, tax payment goes back so far into history, it will never be expunged. If I remember history class correctly, the, what is now called USA, once stated “NO TAXATION WITH OUT REPRESENTATION” as they fought for wrongful tax charges and the lack of representation within the government, hence 4th of July. Okay, well, enough ranting as I must finish getting everyone ready and I must be a “good citizen”–whatever that means–, tax filing, here I come.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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