Quote of the day: 2/26/2015

“If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way”~Henry Ford

You are in control of your success through your mind. Certainly, others make it difficult, but you can overcome the obstacles. Begin with a positive attitude and you will see how far you can go. Pointing your mind in a positive perspective can increase your chances for a happier life because you are controlling what you will allow bother you and what you will not allow to permeate within you. If you say that you can, then you are right. If you say you can’t, then you are right. You are directing yourself with your words, state of mind and actions. Success is not a word to simply define a career, but life itself. You are a living success for so many reasons. Success can not be measured by any one given standard and shouldn’t. Who can define what makes me successful? Not anyone but myself. I refuse to go off of anyone’s meter or scale. I have decided that I will measure my own success. Do I own a fortune 500 company? No, but I do not feel that if I did, that would define me as successful. Money does not make you successful. Your thoughts make you successful. You can own millions of dollars, but feel empty and still seek something more, find it and once you are filled, you are successful. Living an appreciative life, humble and loving can define you as successful, but I can’t say because you are in control of your own personal success. You decide what success is for you. Remember, if you say you can, you are right!

Have a wonderful day!

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