Quote of the day: 2/23/15

“Words are very powerful and can lead anyone reading them or hearing them, into contemplation and insight. How the mind follows suit is rarely palpable or expected. This impact is not a matter of metaphysical effects nor of an unexplainable phenomenon. It’s simply part of being human.” —Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Good morning and happy Monday. Today I post my last Cloud Atlas quote as I am moving on to another book. I post today’s quote to remind us of the strength words carry.  I have brought up the effect words can have on a person as I provided a post about the guy that was part of a study where people kept asking him if he was fine and, although he was a work-out junkie and always eating well, he became ill and ended up in the hospital. Why? Because he began to believe the concerns others had and digested this within his mind and soul. Others may try to hurt you with words that bring you down, but you are more than what those degrading words have to offer. Surround yourself with positive quotes, positive people, post sticky notes in the mirror describing your beauty–inside and out–and intelligence where you get ready every morning. Watch comedies and listen to uplifting stories of hope and encouragement. Most importantly, speak words of honor and encouragement towards others. Do not allow yourself to speak down upon anyone–family or celebrities– as those words that lack gracefulness are a reflection on you and will eventually hurt you. Speak positivity, not only about yourself, but of others. Have you ever heard of; if you are sad and down, do something nice for someone else and it may lift your spirits up? The same goes with your words. Be graceful with your words and demeanor as being honest doesn’t necessarily mean hurting others.

Have a wonderful day and, for the sake of this quote, go out and complement someone. Encourage them with your words, it may be what you and they need because we never –NEVER–know what someone may be going through.

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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