Quote of the day: 2/19/15

“Once any tyranny becomes accepted as ordinary, its victory is assured.” –Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

A desensitized person that finds truth in the current state of their life, country, world, although the current “truth” is deplorable, then, victory is assured. Beware in finding truth in unhealthy situations as your mind continues to endure, soul continues to accept,  and your actions continue to act upon, you make it acceptable. The tyranny within your life becomes static and you no longer feel the wrong within your life. What do you accept as truth within your country? What do you accept as truth within your mind? Are they truly something you should accept as truth? Or has a tyrannical leader taken over? The more you live with something, knowing it is wrong, and do nothing to change it, the more accepting you become of it. The continuation of agreeable living in an ill manner, the more that action becomes normal. If you allow to be desensitized on something you know is wrong, it will become right. You will no longer see the difference between truth and false. Remember, always step back and question because the moment it becomes normal, it is difficult to go back to thinking it isn’t. You’ve expanded your acceptance level. Remember the catastrophic situations throughout history, and, at one point, many accepted its tyranny as ordinary allowing its victory to be assured. It took someone who never accepted its tyranny to speak out and state it was wrong. Do not allow yourself to be desensitized. I will not go into details as this can relate to every single aspect of our lives, such as, what we watch as normal, listen to, act upon, treat others, speak about, the language we use, the country we live in, the media we accept as “truth”–when it isn’t, the movies we watch and find funny, the food we eat, what we allow our kids to become–instead of guiding otherwise, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, the pop culture we accept as cool, the addictions we view as “truth” because they are socially excepted, the addictions we allow to dictate our lives, the tyrannical leaders within ourselves. . .etc, etc, etc.

The current “truth” may not always be the best.

Have a great day!

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