Word of the day: 2/18/15 — Ennui

Word: Ennui

You pronounce it: [ahn-wee, ahn-wee; French ahn-nwee] IPA: /ɑnˈwi, ˈɑn wi; French ɑ̃ˈnwi/


1. a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom:
“The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.”


1660-70; < French: boredom; Old French enui displeasure

I read it on Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.

So the xcursion helped dislodge your . . .sense of ennui?

In a way, yes. It helped me understand how one’s environment is a key to one’s identity, but that my environment, Papa Song’s, was a lost key. I found myself wishing to revisit my x-finery under Chongmyo Plaza. I could not fully explain why, but an impulse can be both vaguely understood and strong.

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