Healthy Insider: Teflon and Non-Stick Pans

Hello. I have mentioned, before, that I love the “Natural Cure” books by Kevin Trudeau.

Wait, let me back track: I began feeling guilty and counter-productive that I was caring for my husband and kids with organic foods, paraben free products and trying to live a more holistic lifestyle, but cooking with teflon covered pots and pans. I have known for years that it was not good, but they were a gift and I didn’t want to take the leap into spending hundreds on good pots and pans. (Funny how the necessities in life, like, a good blender, pots and pans, a good HEPA vacuum, a water filter that removes fluoride, and an air filter are the most important things to live a healthy lifestyle, but those are the things we hold off on. Hmmmm, interesting.) Well, I was one of those. I used my pots and pans until the coating was mixing in with the food. I know, DISGUSTING! I convinced my husband to allow me to take the leap and he agreed. I conducted extensive research and found the pots and pans most holistic living people were using; All-Clad pans. I researched for months and found the ones I wanted, D5 All-Clad pans. They have 5 layers, 2 Aluminum (they do not touch the food) and 3 of stainless steel for even distribution. I found them at a great price and I went for it. Now, to go back to the “Natural Cures” book, Trudeau states,

“Teflon nonstick pans are incredibly dangerous. I mentioned that if you put a Teflon nonstick pan on your stove, turn up the heat on high, and happen to have a pet parakeet on your shoulder, the poor parakeet would probably drop dead from the dangerous, poisonous fumes coming from the Teflon nonstick coating. . .Teflon cookware has related to and caused illness, sickness, disease, and depression. DuPont has known for over twenty years that the Teflon product, and the various chemicals it uses in the manufacturing of its products, cause cancer!” (229-30)

Interesting, I used to work for a very well-known company that distributes DuPont, Bayer, to name a few, etc and resigned after having the baby. Let me just say, big companies like these decide upon the lives of others. They are big, government running, companies that decide on the Chemtrails being sprayed, the pesticides used on foods, the labeling of your food and so much more. Let me get back on track, for the sake of your health, your kids health, your future, try to stick to stainless steel. Not aluminum! Stainless Steel. In fact, it has been said that coated pans take the nutrition and hinder the taste of your food. Do your research and find what best suits your needs and budget. Even if you only buy one pan because you only make eggs, then that one pan will do you well. Cast Iron is also great!

How do you keep All-Clad pans clean?

I will post a video on this soon, taking you through the process.

Can Stainless Steel pans be tricky to cook in?

Yes! For me they were. It took me a while! Everything stuck to it until I learned to cook in them. Also, they can be pretty heavy, so if you have arthritis problems, I can see these D5 being a bit heavy to maneuver. That is why you need to do your research. Trudeau suggests:

Le Creuset (877) 273-8738

The picture is a stock photo from Williams Sonoma, where I purchased mine. They currently have a 20% off.

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