Quote of the day: 2/17/15

“Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.”~Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever heard, “money can’t buy you love”, “more money more problems”, “money is the root cause of all things” and “money makes the world go ’round”? I am sure you have. Money, while necessary to survive, should not be your mistress. Money, although needed to live in society, must not be your sole partner in life. What am I trying to get at? Yes, we need money to live in today’s world and age, but have you tested those conventions? I, recently, saw a documentary called “Small House” and realized there is a small house movement. People are getting smart, they realize that we are obsessed with bigger, outlandish houses, cars, clothes, etc. There is a movement that is seeking to not live in  a society obsessed with work, while never enjoying life. They are building houses, small houses, compact houses and living off the land by planting their herbs and food. I also saw “living on one dollar a day” and realized that many really have no choice, but to live in poverty. It reminds me of how silly the things we complain about can truly be. This reminds me of one of my poetry courses as an undergrad, where there was an era where people dismissed money and society by deciding to be close to nature because, they felt, nature represents God and being close to nature means they are close to God. They felt money and wealth provided conflicting outcomes. I am not saying to throw everything away and become a gypsy, one of my favorite poems, but, perhaps, we must learn to step back and reconstruct our priorities, me included. Life, within itself, can be so beautiful. Let us enjoy the fact that we can step out without worrying about many horrid situations going on in the world. At this point in time, we are currently safe from that. Who knows, as life continues and time changes all things, what tomorrow will bring. Who knows if we will end up living off the land again or seizing to exist at all. Tomorrow is never promised, enjoy today and don’t make money your ultimate goal. Don’t make money the apple of your eye. Make irreplaceable things important, such as life and time. No matter how much money you have, there is one thing you can’t buy, time. Time is forever lost. Life, at least in the physical sense, can never be purchased. Enjoy the here and now with those you love without making money your first love. Do not fight about money with loved ones. Live life NOW!

Have a great day!

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