Recipe: A healthy breakfast

Good morning! You have to try this healthy breakfast jam-packed with incredible antioxidants.

Backstory: I do not like oatmeal, at all and it could be because, as a kid, I begged my mom to buy oatmeal simply because they were giving a color changing bowl to go with it. She knew I wouldn’t like it and I didn’t listen, then I was expected to finish the box. This is the only way I eat oatmeal. Oh, and this is not flavored oatmeal. It is best to keep it as pure as possible.


1/4 cup of oatmeal

1/4 cup of organic blueberries

1/4 cup of organic strawberries

That is it! You can add more. I eat it with a side of Ezequiel flourless raisin bread. I have added, to the oatmeal, peaches, nectarines, apples, raisins, pecans, walnuts, sliced almonds, chia seeds, and even, at times, 2 tiny chocolate chips (not the best idea). Hey, I slip up at times (dark organic chocolate (at least 60% cocao) is known to be good for you). I have added all that in one bowl all at once as well. Yummy! Like I said, I don’t like oatmeal, I’d rather not feel its mushiness.

Benefits of Oatmeal:

1) Reduces blood sugar

2) Removes bad cholesterol

3) Reduces the risk of diabetes

4) Protects against cancer

5) Protects against heart disease

6) It keeps you fuller longer

7) High in fiber

Benefits of Blueberries:

1) Fights against Cancer (neutralizes free radicals that can cause cancer). Most dark-colored fruits and veggies do.

2) Immune System booster

3) Prevents UTI, important for women!

4) Lowers Cholesterol levels

5) Reduces belly fat

6) Wrinkle fighter, works as an anti-aging fighter

7) Great Anti-depressant

8) Improves memory

Benefits of Strawberries:

1) Helps fight cancer

2) Promotes good eye sight

3) Immune system booster since it has a great source of vitamin C

4) Wrinkle fighter

5) Fights bad cholesterol

6) Reduces joint inflammation

7) Regulates blood sugar

8) Fights against Type 2 Diabetes

9) Fights against Heart Disease

10) Has fiber


I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. Simply in love with a healthy eating habit and in love with–you caught me–fighting wrinkles. Hey, what girl doesn’t? I am sure I didn’t include every great benefit on the list. Please know that it is important to buy organic fruits. Especially the berries. They happen to absorb the pesticides and it almost feels like you are being counter productive buying healthy foods when they can be genetically modified organisms –GMO’s– and were sprayed with toxic pesticides.

Have a great day!

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