Fun Fact Friday: 2/13/15

Did you know that Chickens are excluded from the “animal” list of government protection?

Don’t believe me? It is true I tell you! I was driving to school yesterday and listening to the radio. What does Mrs. Lady Renaissance listen to while driving? Nothing special, News. In fact, my 10-year-old hates it. She thinks I am boring and questions why I don’t listen to music. I, honestly, feel like my life is hectic and listening to music, today’s music anyway, adds clutter to my mind and soul. Especially when I am driving to school. I don’t need junk about cheating lovers or obscene lyrical episodes of clubbing and half-naked girls. Therefore, I listen to classical music or listen to NPR news. Occasionally, I listen to  music, Frank Sinatra, gospel, R&B, hip hop, Christmas music, Vicente Fernandez, lol but these days, rarely. I don’t have the mental capacity to withhold music right now. As silly as that may sound. Okay, to get back on track, I was listening to NPR and Andrew Lawler was being interviewed regarding his new book “Why Did the Chicken Cross the World” and what he was saying was nothing new, but a reminder. I thought I may share with you guys that chickens can be fed dead-sick chickens, I saw a documentary on this,  can be injected with hormones to plump them up, for you and me. . .oh how delicious (NOT!), and are allowed to be mistreated. Why? He said–really he did– that they are not considered animals. What? Well, if I heard correctly, that was what he said. His book looks incredibly interesting. I shall be reading this once I have completed my insane school load. The author provides a full back story of the history of the chicken and how it was brought into mass production during one of the wars since beef and pork were for the soldiers. What were the American people going to eat? Chicken. Chicken. And, more Chicken. Fat, hormone injected, Chickens. Why am I capitalizing chicken? Didn’t you know? They are now a deity.

Have a great Friday, oh yeah it’s Friday! Check out “Why Did the Chicken Cross the World” by Andrew Lawler

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