Tutorial/Recipe: Valentine’s Day Bright Red Juice Blend

Hello. Here is an organic juice blend. Super delicious and perfect for V-Day or any day!

FYI: Yes, my tag is out. So sorry. It was a new shirt. LOL And filming with kids is soooo difficult and I did mess up a lot, “tops off the strawberries” when I meant “keep them on.” Oh and I use all organic ingredients.

½ cup of carrots

2 cups of kale and spinach mix, I use Organic Girl’s, I Love Kale.

½ a small beet or 1/4 of a big beet.

2 cups of strawberries with tops

2 cups of diced mango

16-32 oz of water

Optional squirt of agave nectar

Optional chia or flax seeds

Benefits of Beets:

Beets can lower blood pressure, can assist with heart health and lower the risk of diabetes. Also, the reason I began juicing them is because a cancer patient told my mom that she never lost the color on her cheeks because the iron beets provided to her while undergoing radiation. The doctor even mentioned to her that he had never met anyone with rosy cheeks after radiation. I, because of having kids, lost my hair and figured the iron may assist my hair regrowth due to my iron levels decreasing.

A 1-cup serving of cooked beets only contains 75 calories but provides you with 10 percent of the daily value for vitamin C and magnesium, 34 percent of the DV for folate, 15 percent of the DV for potassium and 28 percent of the DV for manganese. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and helps form collagen, and magnesium is essential for controlling blood pressure and blood sugar and forming DNA. You need folate for forming red blood cells and DNA, potassium for counteracting the blood pressure-increasing effects of sodium, and manganese for processing cholesterol and forming strong bones.


1) It slows down aging

2) Improves vision

3) Helps prevent cancer

4) Prevents stroke

5) Cleanses the body

6) Prevents heart disease

7) Promotes healthier skin

FYI: I met someone at Henry’s (an organic store) that would over eat carrots to the point where she would have orange skin. She would do it on purpose because she wanted color. At least that is what she said. LOL I’m not sure if you’ve ever watched “The Magic School Bus”, but they have a great episode on carrots.

Benefits of Strawberries:

1) 136% of Vitamin C

2) 21% of maganese

3) Helps with vision

4) Fights Cancer

5) 13% if dietary fiber

6) Contains antioxidants

Benefits of the Mango:

1) Lowers Cholesterol

2) Helps with a sore throat

3) Clears the skin

4) 25% of Vitamin A, good for good eye health

5) 76% of vitamin C, good for your immune system

6) 11% of B vitamins, good for heart disease prevention and B6 for the brain

Benefits of Kale:

1) Super high in iron, more than beef

2) Filled with antioxidants that help fight cancer

3) 10% of Omega 3

4) High in Vitamin A and C

5) Calcium, it has been said it has more calcium than milk

6) A great body detoxifier

Benefits of Spinach:

1) A good source of Vitamin K, good for a healthy functioning nervous system and boiled spinach has an insane amount of vitamin K which is also good for your bones

2) 1 cup of Spinach has 337% of Vitamin A, good for the skin like wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, etc and assists white blood cells to fight infections

3) Fights Cancer

4) Lowers blood pressure

5) Contains antioxidants like Vitamins C and E that help the immune system

*Note: I am sure I am missing so much information. I got these from the loads of health books I have and just outlined a few things. Imagine how one juice can be packed with so many good nutrients. Your body only takes in a certain amount and the rest it disposes of, but it doesn’t hurt to drink a juice daily. Do not give up on food though. This should not replace  your food. You still need to get your metabolism working. I am not a doctor nor a licensed nutritionist.

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