Quote of the day: 2/4/15

“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” –Emiliano Zapata

This is my #1 all time favorite quote. Long story short: I was a creative writing undergrad and this is the type of story I enjoyed writing about; the Mexican Revolutionary war. My great-great grandmother fought in the war and believed in the rights of the native people because she was one of them.

Fight for what you believe in. Do not go down without a fight! Whatever it is you are fighting for, give it your all. Parenting, work, relationships, spirituality, education, etc. I find this quote relating to parenting as well. It is better to insist and shape and form a solid foundation and although they may resist–I have a 10-year-old, believe me, I know– one must continue to fight without giving up. Not afraid, on your knees begging and pleading, but on your feet, with strength and deliberate intentions. The same goes with the work force, injustices are often played out in the work force because employers know they can get away with anything. One needs to feed their families, therefore, who really speaks out? I am not stating to cause havoc in every area of your life, but do insist on fighting for your beliefs, not necessarily in a rowdy manner because the wisdom of solving a problem quietly, without hurting others is far more necessary and impactful, but by standing on your feet and not giving up.

Have a wonderful day!

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