Home: Phase 2 – The conquest, the rebuilding, the exhaustion of the kitchen.

There is one thing I realized during the live-in renovation of our house. . .if the kitchen or the master bedroom isn’t completed first, your whole life is chaotic. The moment the kitchen and bedroom were ready, I felt a great — GREAT weight lifted off my shoulders. I instantly felt a ton of weight released into an obis. If you can’t cook or sleep in peace, life is simply horrible.

Our original refrigerator was in the garage during the renovation. It was an old white refrigerator that had a broken handle and nonexistent door shelves. Once the floors were placed, by my dad and uncle, they refused to bring in the refrigerator. They said they were not going to risk messing up the floors due to a leak or scratch from our oh so old refrigerator. I, eventually, got sick and tired of having to go to the garage every time I needed food, milk and or a late (without anyone knowing because I want to eat ice cream–a lot of it, right out of the carton, without kids asking if they can have the same amount, or being reprimanded by them for eating out of the carton, or being told –with hands on their hips– that I am going to get diabetes for eating too much ice cream) night snack. Yes, yes, I indulge at times, especially when pregnant. Well, not very subtle when you have to disarm the alarm. Ugh. . .so my husband convinced me that somehow, just somehow we were going to be okay, financially, if we went out and bought a new refrigerator. We were. If you know anything about me it is that I will search high and low for the lowest prices on something I want. It may take me months, which drives my impulsive husband that feels like when he wants something then and now, he needs it then and now. I, however, need to make sure I have found the best price. I know, I can be a little insane about it. So here are just a few pictures. The final picture is not the what it looks like now. There are a few changes. I will post that soon.

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