Quote of the day: 1/10/2015

“Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win. By fearing to attempt.” — William Shakespeare

Doubt is a natural reoccurring thought and feeling within us. We are, after all, emotionally driven beings. These natural thoughts and feelings are what make us human. Shakespeare states that these thoughts and feelings of doubt are traitors. I agree with Sir William. If we allow these thoughts in by renting a room within our minds, we will lose our will to attempt anything borderline intimidating. Fear is another patronizing thought

and emotion that can accompany our doubts. What doubts and fears do you have accompanying your daily life? For this new year, face them head on. Identify them. Write them out. Print them out. Stick them on a punching bag and beat the very torturous thoughts that paralyze your existence to live. Certainly, it is easier said than done, but remember, “Being defeated is often temporary, giving up makes it permanent,” — Marilyn Von Savant. Do not give up the good fight before attempting it.  Face the doubts within you, handicap fear from further taking control and take the risk in achieving your goals. If cooking is tempting, but you have doubts that you will conquer your goals of a successful meal, take the chance. If going back to school has you filled with thoughts of doubt in achieving a successful course, take the chance. Face fear and give it an upper jab. “Fall seven times. Stand up eight,” — Japanese Proverb. We all fall down, but the natural ability to regain strength is the beautiful part of conquering any goal. Are you aiming to lose weight this year, but doubt you can achieve it due to the many temptations surrounding you? You can achieve it by changing your state of mind. Remember, you are special. YOU ARE SPECIAL!! YOU. ARE. SPECIAL! You are beautiful. YOUR ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL! You are worthy. YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU. ARE WORTHY! Do not allow doubts of your inner beauty take over. That person next to you may not always see how utterly amazing you are for simply being you, but it is you who must realize, you are all worthy. So, once again, take the leap to find that inner happiness. Take the chance toward the career you desire. Buy that dress you have been eyeing. Write that book. Live with as little doubt as possible because you can achieve anything. Good bye doubt. Good bye fear. I am here to kick you down and live it up.

Let me know what you think. . .don't be shy.

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